The Importance of a Well-Planned Board Meeting

A board meeting is an important strategic taking process for the company. It involves evaluating its performance in the past, participating in discussions, and approving plans of action that will support the company during its various stages of growth. These plans usually pertain to new policies or projects or expansions, which require coordination between various departments and teams within the company.

An organized agenda is vital to ensure that board meetings are productive. This helps everyone be on the same page when discussing issues. It also limits the distractions caused by tangential discussions as well as unproductive chatter. By adding the word “parking lot” at the end of the agenda can be a great method to put less important discussion subjects aside, allowing the most important issues to be addressed first.

Participants must remain focused on the task. It is the Board Chair’s job to restore order if a Board member interrupts or is acting inappropriately. This could involve temporarily adjourning a meeting until the offender calms down or permanently adjourning if the behavior persists.

Each board meeting must include precise minutes. It’s the board secretary or minutes taker’s responsibility to record every discussion and decision made in a manner that’s simple to read and comprehend. This includes the details of all motions, including who seconded them and whether they were decided by voice or count. If there were any dissenting votes, a clear explanation of why those votes were against the motion is recorded in the minutes.


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